Ringside Network is the premier 24 hour cable, satellite and TV Network that is completely devoted to the sport of Boxing. We provide front row seats to the best events, matches, and bouts as well as complete information, news, and updates. 

Programming includes news, commentary, classic fights, current events, upcoming events, documentaries and the number one boxing news show in the world – – “Boxing Around the Globe”. 

Our TV Network and news outlet is your perfect chance to learn everything there is to learn about Boxing. With our laser-sharp focus on this incredible sport, you can rely on us with the most accurate predictions and most in-depth analysis of your favorite sport and the greatest boxers of our generation. If you love boxing, then we are the one network that’s right for you.

Please explore our website to learn more about our programming schedule and the great services and extras that come with your subscription to the Ringside Network. We are sure that you’ll be impressed by what you find. But if you bookmark this page and check back often, you’ll never miss out on our updates, events, and news. If you have questions or want to order this network channel option, give us a call or use our online contact form.

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